Engage effectively with smart timing

Improve your notification campaigns with Smart Notifications’ Artificial Intelligence. Let our real-time prediction engine choose the best moments to push content to your audience.
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How it works:
Smart Notifications analyses real-time data gathered from phone sensors as well as historical and contextual information in order to find the moments of engagement that other services cannot detect.
  • 90%
    Battery life
  • ON
  • 50%
    Screen Brightness
  • LOW
    App Usage
  • 1% 90º
Behaviour Analysis
User is seated indoors not moving, but not sleeping. App usage is sporadic and not rushed, therefore user is bored.
Real-time predictions - the new standard in push notifications
Bring your campaigns to the next level by engaging your segments in opportune moments.
Read all about it:
Smart Notifications’ AI can predict when people are bored and more receptive to interaction.
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Improve the KPIs that matter
Information overload is real - overuse and bad timing of push notifications often results in users opting out of your communications or uninstalling your app altogether.
Smart Notifications can help you:
Reduce Churn
Retention & Increasing CLV
Reduce the likelihood of bothering your users in the wrong moments. We observed 40% less churn and maintained a 66% larger engageable user base.

Increase CTR
Revenue, CTR & Conversion
Reminders, Promotions, Cross-Selling & Upselling
Increase the likelihood of conversion events by reaching out to your users in opportune moments. We observed 30% higher click through rates compared to a non-real-time targeted control group.
Get Quick Engagement
Continuous Engagement
Maintain the Brand Relationship
Timing notifications well means that they are seen faster. We observed almost twice as many notifications being clicked within 10 minutes of delivery.
Strategically Activate
Activation & Re-engagement
Interact with users before they lose interest
Prevent losing potential active users. Easily target and re-engage new and inactive users thanks to automatic segmentation.
SDK driven development.
The Smart Notifications SDK is quickly and easily integrated into your app, with all data collection, analysis, and notification delivery handled by the Smart Notifications backend.
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Platform Feature:
  • Android and iOS SDKs are less than 1MB in size.
  • Less than 1% battery consumption when running in background.
  • Less than 10MB/month data consumption when running in background.
  • 0 data usage when using Wi-Fi only mode.
  • No effect on app performance.
  • Powerful Campaign Management System.
  • Real-time performance dashboard.